In September, consumers’ habits change. Students are coming back to the university, employees are returning from vacation, the weather is deteriorating and limiting catering on the terrace … It is at this key time of the year that meal deliveries and take-out orders are on the rise again! How to properly equip your restaurant with the right digital tools to boost your restaurant’s revenue with delivery and take-out orders?

Centralize all your channels in one place

Traditional restaurants: get started with hybrid catering

The COVID crisis has shown that restaurateurs who have bet on digital overcame the difficulties better than others and have been able to adapt their offers during lockdowns.

The right digital tools allow you to manage more easily the 3 types of catering in parallel: on site, delivery and takeaway.

Your restaurant needs to be able to manage orders in multichannel. Your best bet is to go with a tool like Deliverect. Deliverect is the European leader in the digital integration of restaurant orders.

It’s very simple: Deliverect is a gateway that makes life easier for restaurateurs who receive multi-channel orders. It allows you to centralize orders from a very large number of channels on a single tablet: delivery platforms, online ordering, order at the table, inventory management … The number of apps that Deliverect is compatible with is huge!

Once your Deliverect account is configured with all your channels, all your orders arrive directly at your POS software. You no longer have to copy them manually. A great time saver!

Dark kitchens: use the Delivery Manager app

For dark kitchens who don’t have a POS, Deliverect collects all your orders on the Delivery Manager app .

Do you have several accounts on delivery platforms, or even several accounts per platform because you manage several brands or several establishments? Deliverect’s Delivery Manager handles it. The Delivery Manager also allows you to print tickets to staple on your packages to be delivered.

Deliverect Delivery Manager pour booster le chiffre d'affaires de son restaurant

Manage your menus and inventory in one place

The downside when you have multiple ordering channels is that inventory and menus have to be perfectly synchronized across all channels.

Fortunately, Deliverect offers a very powerful menu manager. Gone are the days when you manually had to copy your menu on each of your platforms! From your menu manager, you can automatically synchronize the same menu on all platforms. You can also indicate if an item is out-of-stock or easily launch promotional offers . You can even manage the menus at several points of sale and on several brands.

Deliverect menu manager pour booster le chiffre d'affaires de son restaurant

Use a KDS screen to view and manage your kitchen orders

Deliverect and TicknCook are complementary

Now that all your orders are collected, they must be displayed in the kitchen.

Digital can boost your productivity in the kitchen and save you a lot of time.

The best is to swap your paper tickets for a kitchen screen or KDS (Kitchen Display System) compatible with Deliverect. Since May 2021, TicknCook is 100% compatible with Deliverect.

TicknCook allows you to view and manage the 3 types of orders. Discover its many features.

How to link your Deliverect account to TicknCook?

Once your Deliverect and TicknCook accounts have been created, contact us and we will link the 2 accounts.

Use statistics to optimize the profitability of your restaurant

A very big advantage of digital tools is the ability to collect concrete statistical data that allows you to draw conclusions for your business and take corrective actions.

Sales statistics

Deliverect offers you very advanced statistics to optimize your management and your sales.
Indeed, Deliverect’s reporting dashboard allows you to centralize all your sales performance metrics in one place and highlight opportunities.
This makes it easy to see which product or brand is selling the best, when, which channel is working best, or which platform is bringing you the most revenue. This allows you to optimize your offer, menu, prices, etc.

Deliverect menu builder dashboard

Preparation statistics and delays

TicknCook being in the hands of your cooks, it is the ideal tool to know the preparation time of each of your orders, as well as the percentage of late orders, day by day, period by period. To do this, go to the dedicated Statistics screen.

Manage your flow of drivers thanks to a delivery waiting area and a dedicated screen

If you use drivers from the delivery platforms, or even if you have your own delivery people, you may be faced with the following problem: drivers clutter the interior of your restaurant and annoy your customers who eat inside, and keep asking you for their order. Your staff is therefore obliged, each time, to check the status of the order in question, and if it is not ready, to ask the driver to wait more. In addition, statistics and order tracking may be incorrect.

Again, there is a solution. TicknCook offers a special screen for your drivers, which lets them know whether their order is ready or not. That way, they can wait in a dedicated place, and pick up the order only if it is really ready. Additionally, TicknCook updates the order status, and this status is reported to the customer, so they know exactly when the delivery person picked up the order. And you have more precise statistics.

optimize your revenue with a KDS screen for drivers


The Deliverect solution is ideal if you want to expand across multiple sales channels and are looking for optimization. The integration of Deliverect with TicknCook allows an extremely efficient management and preparation of orders. With the right digital tools, you reduce the risk of error and increase your revenue. Save time thanks to digital technology, so you can focus on what you do best: cook and satisfy your customers!

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