Integrating TicknCook into your solutions for a better customer experience
As an expert in kitchen display systems, TicknCook offers a high-performance, robust solution for partner cash register software. As a white label or integrated partner, you can respond to all your customers’ projects.

Focus on your core business

We believe that to best meet the specific needs of restaurateurs, each solution must be specialised and focus its resources, particularly in development, on the continuous improvement of their solution. More than a partner, we are your ally, allowing you to focus your energy on developing and expanding your POS software.

écran de kitchen display system dans une cuisine
KDS tickncook agrégation d'items

We take care of the KDS part

TicknCook is a flexible, lightweight solution that is very easy to install, even remotely. It has been designed and developed to be complete, high-performance and adapted to the needs of all types of restaurant. Completely transparent for customers, they will automatically receive their orders and product catalogue on TicknCook.


How do we work together ?

Installation rapide et sans frais
Fonctionne sur tous types d'écrans tactiles

Why opt for the TicknCook white-label kitchen display system?

It’s the ideal solution for keeping in touch with your customers. From sales through to first-level support, the customer retains a single point of contact while benefiting from the very best. We’ll work with you to implement new features in TicknCook, because we’re obsessed with delivering the best experience for kitchen teams. You’ll find that getting to grips with TicknCook is disconcertingly easy, and that you’ll find it very easy to make the solution your own.

Quick and easy integration with our open API

We’re proud to offer an API that complies with OpenAPI standards, guaranteeing smooth and easy integration. It only takes a few minutes to start creating your orders and catalogues!

Join us and discover the efficiency of effortless integration!

tickncook écran cuisine KDS kitchen display system

Integration possible in 2 weeks


Technical support on Slack


Dedicated environment

Contact us to find out more and request an integration !

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