Serve the maximum number of customers in the shortest time

To respond to this challenge of event catering, TicknCook is integrated with QR Code order taking systems.

Why using an order taking system by QR code and a KDS?

We all have in mind the endless line or the crowd in front of the bar that the customer wants to avoid, while wanting his order as quickly as possible. During an event, the restaurateur must provide as much food and drink as possible.

But often, when demand is high, staff struggle to take orders, serve and collect customers quickly. However, the customer may become discouraged if they have not been able to take their order quickly.

To better manage this large volume of orders, you can connect an  ultra-simple order-taking system via QR codes, with a KDS in the kitchen and at the bar.

commande QR code KDS

For whom?

KDS restauration événementielle stades

Stadiums and sporting events

KDS restauration éphémère buvette

Pop-up bars or restaurants

KDS festivals


KDS foire

Trade fairs and exhibitions

How does it works?

scan QR code KDS restauration événementielle

QR code scan

Customers can order directly from a digital menu by scanning a QR code from their table, eliminating the need to wait for a waiter or stand in line.

KDS commande mobile


The customer uses the application to access the digital menu, choose items, place an order, and pay.

KDS gérant restauration événementielle tablette


The order is automatically transmitted to the KDS TicknCook for preparation.

KDS commande sur mobile

Order ready

The customer is notified on their mobile when their order is ready. They are then given a new collection QR code and instructed to visit the collection point.

KDS scan QR code


With the KDS TicknCook, the counter only has to scan the QR code to find the customer’s order among a large number.
KDS restauration à emporter comptoir

A satisfied customer

The person at the counter gives the customer their order and marks it as served on TicknCook.
KDS agrégations d'items

All your items to prepare on one screen!

Maximize your production by using the item aggregation functionality. On one screen, the kitchen and the bar will be able to see the number of items to prepare for all orders. Ideal if you have a short, simple menu, and have a large production volume.

Quickly find the order at the counter thanks to the QR code scan

TicknCook allows you to scan the QR Code of your My Lemonade ordering system. A new feature that will save you time at the counter by allowing you to quickly locate your customer’s order.

KDS scan QR code

Do you manage event catering?

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