Filter per station: each cook sees only what he has to prepare

The filter by workstation option is perfect if you have different workstations in the kitchen. This makes the order much more readable for cooks who know exactly and quickly what to prepare.

filter per station

How does the filter per station works?

Once the option is activated and your catalog imported to TicknCook, you can assign tags to each item. Each tag represents a position in the kitchen and will be used to filter in the orders the items that the cook must prepare. Each cook only sees their items but can still watch the progress of the entire order.

The filter by station is ideal for

dark kitchens

Dark kitchens

restauration événementielle


The advantages of the filter per station


Facilitates work in the kitchen by focusing on his workstation

grande cuisine

Ideal for large kitchens


Optimizes preparation times for complex menus


How to activate the filter per station?

Create your TicknCook Standard account then contact us to ask us to activate the filter per station option.

You can then test it for free for 15 days.


Want to know more ?

Make an appointment directly with the TicknCook sales team who will explain to you by video and for a maximum of 45 minutes how the application works, how to install and test it, etc. You can also ask all your questions 🙂
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