With TicknCook Classic Burger, combine simplicity and efficiency

Our Classic Burger pack includes all the essential functions of a KDS for managing orders in the kitchen and at the counter. It allows you to easily switch to a digital tool that will replace your paper tickets in the kitchen. It is designed to be both easy to use and very efficient.

écran cuisine standard
automatisez vos tâches chronophages

Automate your time-consuming tasks in the kitchen

Usable on any touchscreen tablet, your TicknCook kitchen display will allow you to display your tickets on different screens in the kitchen and at the counter . Your tickets will be automatically organized in priority order, from most urgent to least urgent. You will be able to manage and track your delivery, takeaway and on-site orders, as well as clearly differentiate between them, with kitchen icons and filters at the counter.

Orders arrive instantly
Synchronized screens for counter, kitchen and delivery

Automatic sorting of tickets

Filter your orders by type: take-away, delivery, on site

Save time by saving clicks

The ticket will display as soon as the order is placed and will disappear once it has been completed. You will quickly discover all the information needed, including where the order came from, the customer’s name and address, the order’s status (not started , in progress or even late), and whether it is paid. You can also accept or reject the order, as well as adjust the customer’s requested time or reverse an order. And all this in just a few clicks!

Delay management
Time filters
Automatic or manual acceptation


gagnez du temps
gagnez du temps

Save time by saving clicks

Your tickets will appear automatically and also disappear automatically as soon as the order is ready . You will very easily find all the information you need such as where the order came from , the name of the customer and his address, the status of the order (not started , in progress or even late), whether it is paid or not… You can also accept or refuse the order and even change the time requested by the customer or reverse an order. And all this in just a few clicks!
Delay management
Time filters
Automatic or manual acceptation

Acceptation automatique ou manuelle


une solution souple

A flexible and configurable solution to suit your way of working

Our Kitchen Display System is suitable for the world of catering. It is designed to be easy to use without the need for training. Tickncook Standard has all the basic features to start using a KDS. Then, there is  always the possibility of adding options to optimize on kitchen preparation time even further. In addition, our solution is configurable to adapt to the way you work . For example, it is possible to manage drinks and / or desserts in the kitchen and at the counter or to have a condensed view of your tickets to save space on your screen. Finally, TicknCook allows you to have statistics on your preparation times.

Statistics with preparation times
Management of drinks and desserts in the kitchen or at the counter

Condensed view

Waiting line screen for take-away orders

The stages of your digitalization project


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Discover our additional options

agrégation d'items

Items aggregation


Drivers screen

filtre par poste

Filter per station


Multibrand management


How to test TicknCook for free?

By registering, you benefit from the demo mode which allows you to understand how TicknCook works very simply with fake orders.
As soon as you are familiar with the tool, you can then contact us to view your actual orders.


Want to know more?

Make an appointment directly with the TicknCook sales team who will explain to you by video and for a maximum of 45 minutes how the application works, how to install and test it, etc. You can also ask all your questions 🙂
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