We tell you everything about the dark kitchen

The concept of dark kitchen is a new restaurant model that has been on the rise since the COVID-19 crisis, which gave it a big boost. But what is it exactly? What is a dark kitchen? A dark kitchen, also called cloud kitchen, ghost kitchen, or ghost restaurant, is...

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dark kitchen

Online ordering and digital marketing: LivePepper cares about the needs of restaurant owners

Designed for all restaurants, independent or franchises, the LivePepper online ordering solution gives them access to numerous features. Like : management, development and organization of their collection service and deliveries. Adapted to international markets and now available as a mobile application, it constitutes a complete tool for the digitization of restaurants. As well as the marketing support already offered by LivePepper.

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Why using HubRise with TicknCook ?

The digitization of catering is a growing phenomenon. Restaurant owners find themselves using an ever-increasing number of solutions: website for online ordering, food delivery platforms, loyalty programs, inventory management, point os sales solutions, anti-food...

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pourquoi utiliser hubrise avec tickncook

The new version of TicknCook is coming on November 16 !

Thanks to the restaurant owners who gave us valuable feedback on the first version of TicknCook, we are pleased to announce the release of the new version of TicknCook on November 16, 2020! This new version is much richer in features and the interface is much more...

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lancement de tickncook

Why you need a Kitchen Display System in your restaurant

On November 16th, you will be able to discover and test our TicknCook production screen solution! Wondering why using a Kitchen Display System in your restaurant? What will this solution do for you? How to use it ? And why digitalizing your tickets? We have...

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why using a kitchen display system
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