Release of v2.9 Tapas in Spanish with integration

For its new update, TicknCook is getting Spanish colors! 🇪🇸 With v2.9 Tapas, you will be able to use TicknCook in Spanish, in addition to French and English. And to accompany this great novelty, TicknCook has also integrated with the Spanish all in one solution

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Release of v2.8 Curry, with manual order sorting by color

In the West, curry refers to a mixture of yellow spices that we like to use to spice up our dishes and give them an Indian flavor. In India, each family has their unique recipes that have been passed down through generations. 🍛 This complex mix can contain up to 36...

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release tickncook curry

Release of the v2.7 Smash Burger, with statistics

If you haven't tasted your first smash burger yet 🍔, we can only advise you not to miss this culinary trend from the United States (obviously!) A smash burger is a burger with a steak that has been crushed cold on a hot plate. A thermal shock that allows the steak...

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release tickncook smash burger

What is a Kitchen Display System?

The Kitchen Display System (or KDS) is an increasingly common tool in fast food kitchens. It is not known to the general public, and yet it is of paramount importance because it greatly improves the productivity of your employees in the kitchen! We are going to see what a KDS is used for and why it has become an indispensable tool in fast food kitchens.

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qu'est-ce-qu'un kitchen display system

Release of the v2.5 Bolognese with the multikitchen pack

It is often thought that spaghetti with bolognese sauce originated in Italy and more precisely as a typical dish from Bologna. However, if "ragù" is a sauce made with meat and red wine from Bologna, spaghetti is not the ideal pasta for this sauce because it does...

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tickncook release bolognese

5 tips to boost your restaurant’s revenue in September

In September, consumers' habits change. Students are coming back to the university, employees are returning from vacation, the weather is deteriorating and limiting dining on the terrace... It is at this key time of the year that meal deliveries and take-out orders are on the rise! How to equip your restaurant with the right digital tools to boost your restaurant's revenue with delivery and take-out orders?

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5 tips to boost your restaurant's revenue

Release of v.2.4 Milkshake with station routing and drivers screen

That yummy milky drink announces major features for TicknCook. 😋 This version 2.4 Milkshake will allow you to sort your tickets by station and display your orders to be delivered on a screen intended for delivery platform drivers such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Food Panda , Glovo etc. In addition to these two features which are very requested by our dark kitchens and fast food customers, TicknCook will now update your catalog automatically, give you the possibility to accept, decline or change the expected time of an order and finally optimizes its design again and again for a better user experience.

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tickncook release milkshake

Release of v2.3 Nuggets with item aggregation

Will you take your nuggets by 4, 6 or 9? Like the little box of those famous chicken nuggets, TicknCook now allows you to subscribe to several options for a solution even more suited to the way you operate in your restaurant. A la carte, or directly as a pack (like our Dark Kitchen Boost pack), Nuggets v2.3 also launches the "item aggregation" option. Many of you have asked us for it, it is now possible to test it on TicknCook!

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release nuggets
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