Nothing like a little sweet treat, to increase the performance of TicknCook!
The solution gains in robustness , it is faster, and will now update itself automatically .

Added to this are new settings: the ability to manage drinks in the kitchen and at the counter, a more logical delay display and simplified filters in the kitchen. The goal of the Muffin version has been to provide you with an ever more intuitive experience with TicknCook!

Let’s see this in detail.


filters old



New calculation of the delay

The display of overdue orders has been improved and simplified, for a cleaner interface.

Possibility to manage drinks in the kitchen

Until now, drinks have been managed at the Comptoir.
But with Muffin, it is possible to manage them in the kitchen, just like desserts, for more flexibility.

drink management

Display of the original number of orders

The original order numbers of your orders (eg Deliveroo, etc) are now displayed on TicknCook.

Improved performance

With Muffin, TicknCook offers better performance: the application is more robust, and quicker to respond.
In addition, with Muffin, you will no longer need to trigger updates manually from My Account. They will be automatic, you won’t have to worry about them anymore.

How to update TicknCook to Muffin?

Nothing easier ! Go to My Account, and click on the arrows.





What does TicknCook have in store for you in the next versions?

Here is a small overview of what we have in store for you in the coming months.


Deliverect integration on May 1, 2021

The integration with Deliverect is about to be completed. From May 1, 2021, you will be able to use TicknCook with your Deliverect account. Contact our team to set up this integration.

ikentoo bridge

Receiving iKentoo / Lightspeed orders

Thanks to the deployment of the iKentoo Bridge in HubRise, TicknCook will be able to receive all orders from iKentoo / Lightspeed.

v3 is coming soon

The TicknCook team is actively preparing the v3 : many optional options, and several formulas each designed specifically for a type of restaurant.

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