We are pleased to announce the release of TicknCook’s new version on March 1, 2021!

This version will be v2.1. We’ve named it Quesadilla , in homage to those delicious cheesy Mexican snacks we love. 😋

On the new menu, we have developed several improvements to the kitchen display to make life easier for cooks 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳, as well as other improvements.

Condensed view of orders


Until now, the TicknCook kitchen screen only offered one type of order display: a classic view with orders next to each other.


An option at the bottom right of the screen allows you to switch to a condensed view of commands to allow you to view more commands at a time.

1280-800 classic

Classic view – screen 1280×800

condensed 1280-800

Condensed view – screen 1280×800

classic 1920-1200

Classic view – screen 1920×1200

condensed 1920 1200

Condensed view – screen 1920×1200

Manual reordering of orders


Until now, TicknCook’s kitchen screen arranged orders according to the expected delivery or pick-up time.


But it is now possible to reorder the commands manually with a drag and drop.


Management of subscriptions by point of sale

In this new version, you have the possibility to subscribe each of your points of sale completely independently.

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