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Get started with TicknCook easily with this quick start guide.
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1. How to use the TicknCook demo mode?

Now that you have created your TicknCook Manager user account, you automatically have a “sub account” in Demo mode (not connected to HubRise) , which allows you to simulate orders with our simulator.

It allows you to discover all the features of TicknCook without having to immediately connect TicknCook to your POS software.

You can use simulated orders to test at your own pace.

  • From the home screen, select your demo account, by selecting your Demo account in the account selector at the top left.
  • Click Demo in the navigation menu, or from the home page.
  • Choose an order type: take out, delivery or on site.
  • Select items to put in the order, with the options of your choice.
  • Click on the Send Order button. Ding! That’s it, your order has been sent. You can see it on your Counter screen and on your Kitchen screen.

2. How to manage orders from the Kitchen screen?

Now that your order has been sent, it appears on the Kitchen screen.
  • Click on Cuisine from the navigation menu, or from the home page.
  • All orders to be prepared within 2 hours (default setting) appear in the “Active orders” tab.
  • To start an order, click on “Start”.
  • To indicate that you have finished preparing the dishes for your order, click on the “Mark as ready” button.
  • You can go back using the “History” tab.

3. How to manage orders on the Counter screen?

  • Click on Counter from the navigation menu, or from the home page.
  • All pending, in preparation, and ready orders appear in the “Active Orders” tab.
  • By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can view the details of each order.
  • In the ready order column, click the “Add drinks” button to mark the drinks as added.
  • Then click on the “Mark as served” button to indicate that the waiter has gone to serve the customer, or that the customer has collected their order.
  • In case of error, you can go back using the “History” tab.
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