The digitization of catering is a growing phenomenon. Restaurant owners find themselves using an ever-increasing number of solutions: website for online ordering, food delivery platforms, loyalty programs, inventory management, point of sales solutions, anti-food waste applications, etc. However, they quickly find themselves faced with a problem. Each solution has their own publisher, they do not always know how to communicate with each other! And the more solutions we use, the more complicated it becomes. Restaurant owners therefore have 2 options: either buy a complete suite that “does everything” but might lock them, or use several separate solutions. Thankfully, then there is a solution: opt for an IT gateway, also called middleware, or hub, like HubRise to connect them together.

HubRise enables data sharing between applications

HubRise is a middleware that facilitates technical integrations between third-party solutions that restaurant owners or retail stores use in their daily life. Transactions are recorded in HubRise to allow applications to share product catalogs, customer files or order details in real time. The HubRise back office gives access to all the exchanged flows, and allows you to check the status of each transaction, an essential feature for investigating in case of a problem.

HubRise integrates a growing number of applications

All types of solutions can be connected with HubRise. EPOS systems, of course, and kitchen screens such as TicknCook but also online ordering solutions, food ordering and delivery platforms, delivery management solutions or delivery services, eMarketing solutions (SMS / eMailing), business intelligence, inventory management systems, customer loyalty, or pagers. The number of apps compatible with the HubRise ecosystem is growing every month. Currently (January 2021), there are about 50.

Hubrise allows TicknCook to retrieve orders

TicknCook has been developed to be completely compatible with HubRise. When an EPOS software, food ordering and delivery platform, or online ordering site sends an order to HubRise, HubRise immediately forwards it to TicknCook .

TicknCook will then facilitate order management with changes of statuses: new, accepted, in preparation, awaiting shipment, awaiting collection, in-delivery, completed, canceled, or delivery failed.
TicknCook forwards all the status changes to HubRise, for a perfect sync with other apps. So you can check the order status at any time, anywhere. Communication takes place in both directions.

How do I link HubRise to TicknCook?

We have created a dedicated tutorial that explains the different methods.


With the digitization of catering, many players emerged on the market. It is more essential than ever to correctly choose your digital tools. Once you have implemented them, it is difficult to change them.

Combining solutions allows you to select those that are the most consistent with your activity and your expectations. It also allows you to be modular and flexible. It allows you to change an application if it does not fulfill all your needs. Indeed, stand-alone applications are generally more specialized and go further than “general” solutions.

The major advantage of HubRise is that it allows multiple connections with various players and thus facilitates the management of your restaurant on a daily basis.

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