Wondering why using a Kitchen Display System in your restaurant is a smart idea? What will this solution do for you? How to use it ? And what’s the purpose of digitalizing your tickets? We have carefully studied the needs and modes of operation of many fast food restaurateurs, with the aim of creating a perfectly suited solution.

The goal is to save time and increase productivity with a tool that simplifies the organization between the kitchen and counter.

A Kitchen Display System avoids losing paper tickets

A Kitchen Display System allows you to replace your paper tickets with digital tickets, displayed on a touch screen in the kitchen and the counter. This digitization has many advantages: no need to hang up paper tickets or move them by hand … And above all, there are no more losses or omissions. Digitized vouchers also allow sorting and automatic calculations, which are impossible to achieve with paper.

A Kitchen Display System allows you to retrieve all orders from all your sales channels

You surely have one or more means to facilitate order taking by your customers: your website or Facebook page, third-party applications, Click and Collect applications, etc.

In 2020, 55% of people under the age of 34 use delivery applications, so digital is synonymous of growth for restaurant owners.

The problem you are probably encountering is the following: how do you manage all the orders that arrive through different channels while going as quickly as possible?

TicknCook is compatible with many POS softwares, but also with online ordering solutions like LivePepper, or delivery applications like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. This allows us to generate digital tickets automatically and send them to the counter and to the kitchen. No need of multiply screens and run the risk of errors!

A Kitchen Display System allows you to manage delivery, take-out and eat-in orders

Whether in the kitchen or at the counter, your team must quickly be able to know if the order is to be delivered, takeaway or on site. This helps you organize yourself better! Obviously, if you only do delivery or Click & Collect, it is possible to display only what is useful to you.
TicknCook allows you to easily manage the 3 types of orders, differentiating them by an icon, and sorting them automatically for better management.

A Kitchen Display System allows you to manage large volumes of orders

Do you have a restaurant that sells a lot of volume, or quite simply, you suffer from periods of rush? TicknCook offers you an “item aggregation” screen, specially designed to help you manage large order volumes. The principle is simple: TicknCook automatically calculates the quantity to prepare for each of the dishes on your menu. It’s more convenient than using paper tickets!

A Kitchen Display System manages priorities and delays

When it’s hot in the kitchen, and the service gets tight, you need to be able to identify delays quickly, but also prioritize tickets to facilitate delivery. It is imperative to have a clear view of all orders, and to be able to reorder tickets manually. TicknCook displays overdue orders in red, so you can easily identify them.

A Kitchen Display System simplifies delivery

A good KDS should gather all the orders to be delivered in one screen and make it easier to package and assign to deliverers. Do you use your own fleet of delivery people? TicknCook broadly displays the list of orders to be delivered and their address and allows you to track deliveries. Do you use platform deliverers? TicknCook offers you a special delivery screen, so deliverers know exactly when the order is ready for pick up.

A Kitchen Display System adapts to your way of working

And for that, your kitchen production screen must be configurable enough to display the information you need. TicknCook offers you a number of options to suit the way you operate. In addition, we offer ready-made packs or the possibility of subscribing to our options one by one, to adapt even better to your needs.

And as TicknCook is a “standalone” solution, it can be connected with a large number of applications, which allows you to have a tailor-made solution.

A Kitchen Display System allows you to easily inform your customers

The KDS TicknCook allows you to inform your customers in your restaurant of the status of their take-out and possibly on-site order through the Waiting Line screen. It happens automatically!

A Kitchen Display System is easy to set up and use

TicknCook has been designed to be very easy and ergonomic to use. It can be used on a wide variety of touchscreen models. Plus, you can schedule a free online demo and sign up for a 15-day free trial. Enjoy!

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