On November 16th, you will be able to discover and test our TicknCook production screen solution! Wondering why using a Kitchen Display System in your restaurant? What will this solution do for you? How to use it ? And why digitalizing your tickets? We have carefully studied the needs and modes of operation of many fast food restaurateurs, with the aim of creating a perfectly suited solution.

The goal is to save time and increase productivity with a tool that simplifies the organization between the kitchen and the counter.

Be connected to all order taking systems

You surely have one or more means to facilitate order taking by your customers: your website or Facebook page, third-party applications, Click and Collect applications, etc.

In 2020, 55% of people under 34 use delivery applications, so digital is synonymous of growth for restaurant owners.

The problem you are probably encountering is the following: how do you manage all the orders that arrive through different channels while going as quickly as possible?

TicknCook is compatible with many POS software, but also with online ordering solutions like LivePepper, or delivery applications like Uber Eats or Deliveroo. This allows us to generate digital tickets automatically and send them to the counter and to the kitchen. No need to multiply screens and run the risk of errors!

The essential features of a Kitchen Production Screen

Before investing in a digital solution, you must list the features that the solution must absolutely have. Here are the features fulfilled by TicknCook.

Management of dine in, delivery and take away

Whether in the kitchen or at the counter, your teams must easily know whether the order is to be delivered, on site or to take away. This helps you organize yourself better! Obviously if you only do delivery or Click and Collect, it is possible to display only what is useful for you.

Priorities management in the kitchen

When it’s hot in the kitchen, and the service gets tight, you need to be able to identify delays quickly, but also prioritize tickets to facilitate delivery. It is imperative to have a clear view of all orders, and to be able to reorder tickets manually.

Simplifying delivery

Being able to deliver in the same sector, especially when delivering hot meals, is essential in order not to lose money. You must therefore be able to organize your deliveries according to customer addresses and reorder orders automatically by grouping them.

Adapted to your workflow

For that, your Kitchen Production Screen must be sufficiently customizable to display the information you need. However, be aware that no “standard” solution can fully cover the operation of every restaurant. It is therefore necessary to choose it carefully and also know how to adapt to the process advocated by the solution. You can also choose an “open” solution that will allow it to connect with other complementary tools.

Customers information

Another practical feature is to be able to inform your customers present in your restaurant of the status of their order. For example with a screen in the restaurant, displaying “in progress” and “ready” orders.

Simple to install and use

Always try the solution before you buy it! Is it easy to use? Does it require specific training? And above all, are your questions answered? Good ergonomics saves your teams time!

Be one of the first to test TicknCook!

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