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Is TicknCook compatible with my cash register software and my online ordering platform?

TicknCook has been developed to be fully compatible with HubRise .
HubRise is a gateway that allows you to connect numerous IT solutions in the field of commerce and catering.
TicknCook therefore works with all softwares that are compatible with HubRise.
The updated list of these software is available on the HubRise website.

If your cash register software is not in this list, contact us, we will study if it is possible to make a connection.

How to connect TicknCook with HubRise?

There are 2 possibilities: either you create your TicknCook account from your HubRise account, and your existing kitchens will be automatically copied into your TicknCook account.

Either you create your TicknCook account without going through HubRise, and you choose to connect it to HubRise later. To do this, go to Points of Sale, click on Add a HubRise point of sale and follow the instructions.

Can I test TicknCook for free?

Absolutely! TicknCook includes a Demo mode, which allows you to test it with fake orders (not connected to your checkout). This demo mode is available for life. It is also ideal for training your teams in the use of TicknCook.

Along with this Demo mode, you can test TicknCook in online mode with your cash register software for 1 month free of charge. Without a subscription on your part after one month, access to connected mode will be suspended.

During the months of November and December 2020, we offer you access to the connected mode of TicknCook.

On which screens can I use TicknCook?

TicknCook can be used on any touchscreen.
For example, you can use standard tablets (Android or iOS), or touch screens adapted to catering conditions, such as screens of the brand Elo Touch .

Your device must however be connected to the internet.

How many screens can I use simultaneously?

In a given restaurant, you can use TicknCook on as many devices as you want. Whether you have 10 people in the kitchen, or just 1, it doesn’t change anything. The price of your subscription per restaurant is the same.

I have several restaurants, do I have to pay a subscription for each restaurant?

Yes. Note that discounts are applied from the 5th point of sale. Contact us to find out more.

How can I pay for the subscription?

By credit card only. Once your card is registered, the subscription is debited every month. On your TicknCook personal space, you have access to all your monthly invoices.

What is the duration of engagement?

None. You can stop your subscription at any time.

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